Some mistakes when using auto

Cars with most Vietnamese people are a huge fortune. But not everyone knows how to preserve and use the most scientifically car.

Many people think that the frequent polishing will help the car look like new always. However, the fact that the wax (Car Wax) always have a certain amount of abrasive powder. This powder will gradually erode the paint of the car, causing the car lost protective coatings. Over time will lead to your car quickly be “down color” rather than alone. Therefore, wash the car and hit the ball when it feels necessary, however, should not be too dirty or soiled car too long day wash, because the dirt can penetrate deeply into the loss of gloss paint available.


Long car will be warm

Many people take the car and even motorcycles all thought the ride across a long distance or ride for too long will make the car being “warm-up”. Remember, the cooling system was invented to your car engine always in good operating condition, can not be heated up or whether you have a thousand kilometers away. Although sometimes, if the outdoor temperature gets too low, you may have trouble to start the engine, but this is absolutely objective reason and do no harm to your car. If your vehicle status appears temperature change in a certain number of cases, it means that you should give your car inspected.

Need to use the car battery to power many devices

In terms of technique, just the battery of power storage device when the car would not start, start the engine when the vehicle is responsible for providing all put on generator power. With the car “as is”, the manufacturer has carefully calculated on a fully electric car. The car power shortage is solved only when replacing generators with a capacity accordingly. This also explains why on the next-generation vehicles, battery size is modest, because it is almost exclusively responsible for the motor starter functions and to stabilize the voltage in the system from the pulse interference caused by power generators.