Mazda3 causes floating lights.

The appearance of soot which is the main component in the zinc alloy gasoline additives is the cause of the check engine light floating phenomena (check engine light) on a number of Mazda vehicles in Vietnam.


Accordingly, the study of Japanese Mazda showed a bright light test engine has been recognized in a number of car Mazda3 (1.5L engine) that is caused by injectors clogged by soot leads the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber is reduced. Up to now, the results of the investigation on the car this phenomenon shows that the main component of soot as zinc (Zn). However, the origin and mechanism of zinc appear in the fuel system is still being Mazda Japan conducted testing and evaluation.

To prevent most of the effects of zinc on the fuel system, and the approval of the Bureau Register, the Company and Mazda Japan VinaMazda will proceed to replace the parts that contain zinc components in the system fueled by the improved spare parts including fuel pipes (fuel poured from the cap to the fuel tank) and the fittings in the fuel system. Also, Auto Spa said will continue to apply the remedial measures have been implemented as toilet sprayers used by special equipment and cleaning solutions (Deposit Cleaner) by Japanese corporations provided to Mazda help prevent the soot on the injector closed.

Distributors are also confirmed in the process of preparing the necessary spare parts for the replacement of the estimated time from the middle of the month 04.2016 and first applied to the car Mazda3 is occurring light “lamp test engines “by clogged injectors.

Technically, Mazda Japan pledged light phenomena “check engine light” without any risk of affecting the quality of the engine as well as safety issues and emissions of the vehicle (as the present time and not recorded any cases related to operational safety). In addition, programmable engine control system for light “check engine light” for the purpose of early warning to users.